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From the raw material to the finished product: the quality of AHCPL products comes from an integrated and sustainable production process.

Integrated, because all the production processes take place under one roof: after having entered our incoming material stores, the steel sheets leave the plant in the form of a finished product as per customer specifications. The process is also sustainable, because AHCPL deforms the steel through cold processes that have low energy absorption, a huge leap in quality from an environmental point of view compared to traditional operations of melting or hot forging.

  • Manufacturing – Driven by a MRP manufacturing system
  • Design Engineering – Supported by CAD capabilities
  • Design, fabrication and maintenance of dies, process tools and machinery
  • TQS (Total Quality System) – Calibration lab, receiving inspection, in-process inspection and final audit inspection of products at quality gates
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)
  • Metal Stamping – Capabilities with presses ranging from 30 to 600 tons (Large Bed)
  • Automated pulley spinning Machines for Folded, Split & Poly V Pulleys
  • Assembly Machinery – Assembly of pulley with bearings, bushes, spacers, shafts etc.
  • Extensive Welding, Fabrication facilities, Special SPMs
  • Technological Strength in Critical Drawn & Formed Components & Sheet Metal Spun Pulleys
  • Broaching Capabilities – Including keyway, I.D. sizing, and a variety of splined configurations
  • CNC Lathe facilities – Capabilities of I.D. sizing, Drill and Tapped setscrew holes, cross pin holes, blind hole threading etc.
  • Pulley functional testing – Pulley Durability / Fatigue Test Rig
  • FEA Capabilities
  • Metal Finishing & Coating Capabilities – Cathodic Electro Deposition Coating, Powder Coating, Trivalent Zinc Electro Plating, Liquid Painting etc.
  • Bar Coding or Engraving – Identification & Traceability
  • Warehousing and JIT delivery arrangements
  • EDI, Kanban, and point of use delivery