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Pioneers in Sheet Metal Spun Pulleys –
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Transmitting motion is the characteristic function of a pulley, an organ that can drive different applications. AHCPL produces complex automotive sheet metal pulleys using the Spun, Split, Stamped or Poly V methods and these pulleys allows the movement of the Water Pump (Water Pump Pulley), Fan (Fan Pulley), Crankshaft (Crankshaft Pulley), Alternator (Alternator Pulley), Cutting Implements (Harvestor / Lawn Mower Pulleys) etc. Starting from a disc of a few mm thicknesses, we can obtain very complex & thickened pulley groove geometries. In the case of the air conditioning (Compressor Pulley), Idler pulley or Tensioner pulley a bearing is assembled to the pulley. AHCPL can supply a compete assembly.  Spun pulleys are in great demand on high-performance vehicles, where weight reduction and therefore emission is a crucial factor. Overall, AHCPL produces close to 2.5 million pulleys every year for it’s OEM partners.

Split Steel Pulleys x

Split Pulleys are produced on SPM machines with the latest in technology where a disc is slit on the outer circumference to form a pulley. This design is a single thickness of metal, blanked and separated at the outer circumference to form the groove. Diameters range from 40mm to 250mm and in a variety of single groove configurations. These pulleys are produced but not limited to material thicknesses from 3mm to 6mm.

Spun Steel Pulleys x

Spun Pulleys are produced on special purpose machines used for groove rolling. This is also a single thickness design. Diameters range from 60mm to 500mm with the capability of various groove configurations i.e. single groove, double groove etc. The design is somewhat different, as it requires a blank with the outer diameter having been drawn and folded to create a groove. The form is made into a double wall and is then compressed inward to form the groove as the cup spins. These pulleys are produced from material thicknesses of 1.5mm to 2.5mm thickness.

Stamped Steel Pulleys

Stamped Pulleys are two stamped halves placed together and welded / riveted. The two sides can be a mirrored image or of different configurations if required. Stamped Idlers are produced from two stampings with a formed emboss to nest the bearing. The stamped idler is created by placing the bearing in the formed emboss and fastening the two halves together utilizing either spot welds or rivet clinch procedure. Bushings can be inserted to accommodate various shaft diameters. The range of pulley diameters can vary.

Poly V Steel Pulleys x

Poly-V Drives are the compact alternative to the standard V Groove Pulley Drives. Poly groove pulleys have a 30% higher power rating when compared with conventional V Groove belt drives systems. It has zero slippage due to maximum wedge contact. Higher power rating makes the drive lighter and more compact, and offers energy saving. Poly V pulleys are produced on SPM machines. Poly V have groove ranging from 3 to 10 Poly-V grooves achieved through Spinning & forming. Pulley diameter is 70mm to 250mm. RM thickness 2.3mm to 6 mm. Poly V groove pulleys can be made through a split or a folded construction.



Sr. No. Characteristic Advantage
1 Lighter Weight Typically pulleys are mounted on an overhang, and therefore load on bearings and hence bearing design reduces substantially and better bearing function
2 Inherent balance As sheet cross sectional thickness remains uniform, dynamic/ static balancing need is usually eliminated, whereas in forged or cast pulleys it is very necessary.
3 Lower cost Cost advantage
4 Lower weight Ease of installation/ handling/ logistics
5 Ease of metal finishing Sheet metal being suited to much bigger variety of metal finishing processes, allows choice of aesthetics, and protection from corrosion.
6 Load characteristics With thickness up to 2.5 mm, transmission loads of all typical rubber belt drives are well within strength values of the pulleys.
7 Dissimilar assembly Can be coupled by welding or bolting with hardened or dissimilar materials, e.g. bolted construction with a case hardened and ground hub.
8 Ease of manufacture Much shorter production cycle time and lower energy inputs.

AHCPL Made Pulley Spinning Special Purpose Machines

AHCPL currently uses & has expertise to also make large capacity advanced spinning equipment. The spinning equipment is utilized to produce Poly-V pulleys, conventional V-belt pulleys, split pulleys and idler assemblies both in high volume series and smaller quantities.


Pioneer in Sheet metal Spun Pulleys in India

  • Entire range of pulleys – Folded, Split and Poly “V”
  • Continuous value addition given to prospective customers for conversion from casting pulleys to sheet metal, Drawing design improvements etc.